Writer, Author, Poet

Tamara McKenzie


The most important decision you will ever make is the decision to spend eternity with God or to be eternally separated from God. Choosing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is not just for eternity because if you choose eternity with God; eternity starts right now.

Jesus saves, heals and He sets the captives free. Therefore, choosing a life with Jesus Christ is choosing salvation, healing, and restoration not only in this world but also in the world to come.

In the book, Unbroken, Christian author Tamara McKenzie, takes you on the incredible journey that took her from brokenness to becoming unbroken.


You learn the beauty of contentment when you learn to let go and let God. In the book, Unwound, Christian author Tamara McKenzie, details her experiences going beyond brokenness to becoming more Christ-like. Unwound is about learning the beauty of letting go and letting God. It details McKenzie’s discovery of getting to a place of spiritual maturity, where she learns to understand the true meaning of being anxious for nothing.

Things We Lose In The Fire

Things we Lose in the Fire is an inspiring poetic journey of spiritual maturity. The writer takes you on a quest to enduring faith and loving God through the process that leads to the discovery of true identity and purpose in God.

Supernatural Encounters

A gift is something you can do naturally without being taught. It is an uncommon ability that you were born with. Tamara McKenzie had her first supernatural encounter at the tender age of six years old. She did not realize that her ability to see in the supernatural was a gift that God had given her, to complete the purpose for which He had created her. Growing up she wanted to be like everyone else that didn’t see the things that she saw because at first the things she saw were evil and terrifying. That all changed when she gave her life to Jesus Christ, and He began to reveal to her that her ability to see in the supernatural realm was a gift He had given her to carry out the purpose of her life. It was then she began to cherish the gift she was given.

In this book, Tamara McKenzie takes you on a journey through some of her many supernatural encounters; the most profound encounter is being face-to-face with Jesus.


A war has been raging against humanity since before the beginning of time. The enemy will always fight the hardest when he is losing the most. It is the nature of the serpent; it is subtle and cunning while it is plotting and carrying out its mischievous devices. However, when you chop its head off, it squirms about violently as if it’s not really dead—this is an enemy tactic also known as a wiles of the devil.